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About Us

LESNA shpk is the largest factory in the region for the production of doors and windows, which began its activity 50 years ago, and since then the Lesna brand is the best known and most used brand in the industry of door and window production.

Our vision is to keep up with the latest technological developments in our industry and innovate our products while maintaining our position in the local and regional market. Thanks to our strategic plans, our aim is for the manufactured products to find a place in countries with high GDP, such as those in the Middle East and some markets in Asia.

The company's mission is to achieve its objectives thanks to internal development with a well-trained staff and oriented towards the demands and needs of customers, in order to create measurable values ​​for all applicants.


The biggest achievements of the company are:

One of our greatest values ​​are the company's employees, our sons and daughters, whose activities have made it possible for the company to maintain its strategic position in the market. Among the recruits, we have well-educated employees such as engineers, distinguished economists, people of science and traditional craftsmen who greatly influence the overall value of our company.

Our work is highly dependent on professionalism and craftsmanship in manufacturing so that the final products have the perfect quality and appearance. In this case, special importance is given to the recruitment and advancement of personnel within the company on an ongoing basis.

In its business philosophy, Lesna is guided by a fair balance between economic competition and social development. Social responsibilities are integrated into the company's strategies and policies, aiming to create value for the company, employees and society in general. The technology selected for the establishment and operation of the network fully meets the standards and directives of the European Community.
Wooden and wood/aluminum doors and windows from LESNA are produced from raw material that comes from FSC certified forests from well-known suppliers. We make the wood surface with an ecologically friendly treatment. Together with the use of super low-e energy glass, the future looks bright – from production to end user for our shared environment.